Building Healthy Local Communities Together

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OUR VALUES: Respect; Partnerships; Innovations; Customer First; Integrity
Our Team
  1. Our Doctors We have a wide range of Family Health Physician experts who provide on-going care on roistered weekly shift under the Clinical Lead.
    Physician Services
  2. We have a dedicated, hard working and compassionate team of 4 permanent Registered Nurses and 4 Casual Nurses that provide comprehensive primary care nursing on a 24/7.
  3. Physiotherapy and fitness areas are: Pilates area; biomechanical assessments, manual skills progression, movement analysis and corrective exercise prescription; the central performance running group, running coaching & injury management; treadmill for running assessments and coaching as well as in-clinic exercise; we make extensive use of iPad/tablet PC videoing tools for recording & analyzing client movement patterns for education & exercise prescription; barrel & mat; Zumba; functional strengthening for sports performance as well as all-round fitness
    Physiotherapist and Fitness Coach
  4. We have established a consumer & stakeholder council comprising six members that incorporates clinicians, consumers and administrative representatives that meet monthly to review stakeholder feedback, seek input and advise on various Blossom Health activities. Furthermore clinical council advises Blossom Health about appropriate clinical strategies to employ, lead the quality and organizational performance excellence processes. The first chair of the Joint Board of Clinical and Consumer will be a voting Board member nominated by one of the Parties.
    Consumer Council
    "Blossom Health Hub has recognized our impoverished community in a very positive way, we are now heard in every care plan"